UV & Moisture Resistant PVC Waterproof Blinds in Leeds

PVC blinds are smart, waterproof window coverings made from tough synthetic materials. They come in a variety of types, each with its own special charm. First up, you’ve got roller blinds and vertical blinds. These champs are crafted from a soft fabric PVC. They’re the kings of versatility, perfect for any room. Then, we’ve got faux-wood blinds. These stylish contenders are also made from PVC, but this time, it’s a hard, rigid PVC material. They add a touch of sophistication to your windows. At Balmoral Window Blinds, we’ve got all your PVC blinds covered. From chic faux-wood to soft and versatile options, we’re here to make your windows shine, no matter what room you’re sprucing up!

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PVC Waterproof Blinds for Kitchens and Bathrooms

Tired of dealing with the steam, cooking spray, and water that can make your windows a mess? Say hello to waterproof window blinds – your perfect solution!  Bathrooms, in particular, are a haven for moisture and splashes. From showers and sinks to the ever-present steam and condensation from hot water, bathrooms can get pretty wet. Waterproof blinds are tailor-made to handle this kind of environment, ensuring your bathroom stays both stylish and easy to maintain.

  • So why struggle with the cleaning routine when you can enjoy sparkling clean and hassle-free windows?
  • Upgrade to waterproof blinds today and transform your space with a touch of practical elegance!
  • Select the perfect blinds to match your interior décor.
  • Enjoy both functionality and style with our range of PVC Waterproof blinds.
  • Expert guidance to choose the PVC Waterproof blind designs.
  • A wide selection of textures, designs, and colors to choose from

High Quality Material PVC Waterproof Window Blinds

Our waterproof window dressings are crafted from a special blend that sets them apart. They consist of three layers of vinyl and one layer of fiberglass, creating a powerful hybrid fabric that forms an impenetrable waterproof barrier. This unique design allows water to effortlessly slide off, making cleaning a breeze. What’s more, in the market, you might come across waterproof blinds made from polymer materials that bear a striking resemblance to our exclusive blend.

  • We take precision seriously to create perfect-fit window blinds.
  • We guarantee a perfect fit for your blinds.
  • We prioritize both style and functionality, without compromising on quality.

Perfect-Fit PVC Waterproof Blinds Are Available at Balmoral Window Blinds

  • PVC Waterproof blinds designed with accuracy
  • Wide range of colors and materials
  • High-quality materials guarantee
  • Free window measuring and blind fitting
  • PVC Waterproof blinds in Leeds
  • PVC Waterproof blinds for home windows
  • PVC Waterproof blinds for office windows
  • Fully daylight and privacy control
  • Bespoke window blinds in Leeds

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Free Window Measuring and PVC Waterproof Blinds Fittings in Leeds

At Balmoral window Blinds, we take immense pride in our composition, which has undergone difficult testing. We provides unparalleled performance and long-lasting service to each and every customer. Choose our waterproof window dressings and experience the ultimate combination of style, functionality, and durability. Your windows deserve the best, and we’re here to deliver just that! All PVC Waterproof blinds are designed according to the measured sizes for precise fittings. Call us today to schedule a free window measuring appointment. We will help you out from free consultation to window blind fitting in Leeds.


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24/7 Services anywhere in Leeds and surrounding areas

We are proud to offer our conservatory blinds services 24/7. Our team makes sure that your needs are met at any time that suits you. Our flexible schedule allows you to schedule appointments when it’s most convenient for you, even on weekends or evenings. Whether you’re in Leeds or the surrounding areas, our services are available to you. We are committed to bringing the best PVC Waterproof blinds to your doorstep, no matter where you are located. Call us today or fill out our form here on the website to get a quick quote at any time.

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Client Feedback

I recently got PVC Waterproof blinds from Balmoral Window Blinds and couldn’t be happier with the waterproof quality. Thank you for a perfect fitting!

Emily J.

Balmoral Window Blinds is the best service provider in Leeds. They provide value for the price. I bought PVC waterproof blinds. Highly recommended!

Mark M.

First-class window blinds with the best services in Leeds. Hats off to the measurement team. Highly recommended to anyone looking for PVC Blinds.

Jasicca B

My PVC blinds arrived on time and were exactly what I was looking for. I'm extremely satisfied with my purchase. Thank you!

Michael G.

Thanks for the best window blinds for my home. My kitchen looks wonderful as a result of your efforts. Highly recommended!

Jackson B.

I'm thrilled with the PVC blinds from Balmoral Window Blinds. Their attention to detail was impressive. I highly recommend to anyone in Leeds.

Mary T.

PVC Waterproof Blinds FAQs

Ans: Cleaning PVC waterproof blinds is easy. You can wipe them with a damp cloth to remove dust and stains. For tougher stains, mild soap and water work well. Just be gentle with them to keep them looking great.

Ans: Yes, PVC waterproof blinds are specifically designed to handle high humidity areas like bathrooms and kitchens. Their moisture-resistant properties make them a reliable choice.

Ans: While PVC waterproof blinds are great for humid areas, they can be used in any room where you want easy-to-clean window coverings. They come in various styles and colors to suit different decors.

Ans: PVC waterproof blinds are designed to resist fading, but like any window treatment, they may fade slightly over many years of exposure to direct sunlight. However, their longevity and resistance to fading make them a durable choice for your windows.

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