Perfect Fit Pleated Blinds for All Window and Door Sizes

Balmoral Window Blinds offers the finest quality perfect-fit pleated blinds in Glasgow, Edinburgh and surrounding areas for all window requirements. Our pleated blinds are available in a wide range of solid blend-in colours or something bold to make a pronounced statement. Pleated blinds are the perfect choice for daylight control and privacy for windows and doors in houses and properties of all types. Add exceptional elegance to windows or doors and keep your interiors bright naturally while maintaining perfect privacy. Our pleated blinds are made from high-quality fabrics and are available at affordable prices.

Collections Of Luxurious & Premium Quality Blinds

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Premium Pleated Blinds Made from High-Quality Materials in Scotland

We provide top-quality fabric materials for our premium pleated blinds for all requirements. Blend-in muted solid colours are available to add elegance to your windows. We offer bold pleated blinds designs to make your window coverings stand out. Our commitment to the highest quality fabrics and materials guarantees the longest-lasting pleated blinds. We make sure all pleated blinds are designed and cut accurately to fit your windows perfectly. Call us today or fill out our form to find out more.

  • Premium materials for attractive pleated blinds are available
  • Free window measuring and pleated blinds fitting in Glasgow and Edinburgh
  • Perfectly fit pleated blinds sizes to fit window openings accurately
  • Pleated blinds for window blinds and door glass are available
  • Daylight and privacy control features are enhanced with pleated blinds
  • Soft, simple, and elegant pleated blinds for every interior
  • Make a bold statement with fancy pleated blinds designs

Simple, Soft, and Elegant Pleated Blinds at Affordable Prices

Add simple and soft elegance to enhance your interior appearance with premium pleated blinds. Balmoral Window Blinds offers attractive pleated blinds to brighten up your interior at affordable prices. Our window treatments are affordable to acquire and very easy to maintain over a long period of time.

  • Simple and soft pleated blinds for elegant window treatments
  • Affordable pleated blinds prices with perfectly fitted sizes
  • Daylight-filtering pleated blinds are available for every window
  • Perfect choice for bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, and kitchen
  • We are committed to providing premium window blinds at competitive prices

Energy-Efficient Pleated Blinds for Enhanced Daylight and Privacy Control

  • Pleated blinds for bedroom windows
  • Pleated blinds for living and dining room
  • Premium materials for lasting blinds
  • Perfect daylight control and filtering blind
  • Enhanced privacy control is available
  • Easy-to-clean pleated blinds in Scotland
  • Large variety of soft blend-in designs
  • Bold and attractive pleated blinds
  • Free fitting in Glasgow, Edinburgh and surrounding areas
  • Perfectly fit sizes for full window coverage

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Free Window Measuring and Pleated Blinds Fitting in Glasgow, Edinburgh and surrounding areas.

Balmoral Window Blinds offers the most convenient and satisfactory pleated blinds service in Glasgow, Edinburgh and surrounding areas. Schedule your free window measuring appointment for any day and time of your preference. Also, we provide free pleated blinds fitting once they are done and ready for installation. Our quick turnaround time for elegant pleated blinds guarantees installation for all windows. Dress your windows up in fabric pleated blinds that can look elegant and bold as required. Give us a call today or fill out our form here on the website to find out more about fitting and installation options.


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The Best Pleated Blinds Supplier in Glasgow, Edinburgh and surrounding areas.

Balmoral Window Blinds is one of the most reliable and trusted pleated blinds suppliers in Glasgow, Edinburgh and surrounding areas. Our high-quality materials and perfect fit sizes dress your windows perfectly. Pleated blinds are thin and light and can be perfectly paired with curtains or other double window treatments. These are daylight-filtering blinds offering perfect control for natural illumination. Our team will fit your pleated fabric blinds on your windows any day of the week. Also, the best price guarantee makes our pleated blinds highest value for money in your city.

Our Blinds Range

Client Feedback

We coupled pleated blinds with curtains. They not only look amazing but provide the best daylight control for our bedroom windows. We are now getting pleated blinds for the living room as well. Good job.

Roger Moore

These pleated blinds from Balmoral Window Blinds look absolutely amazing. We got the white ones and they are elegant for sure. Pricing was good too. Great experience for us overall.

Jenifer Austins

Our new pleated blinds on all windows look very attractive. We got different colours to match every room’s décor. Everything looks very elegant and well-fitted. Happy to recommend Balmoral Blinds.

Joe Penning

Our money in pleated blinds from Balmoral Window Blinds is well invested. These blinds filter daylight perfectly. Also, operating these blinds is very smooth and effortless. Very happy with the purchase.

Jonathan Gates

We got the pleated blinds in Glasgow with free fitting. It must be noted that the overall service experience was fantastic. Blinds look and feel great too. Perfect 5-star service.

Samantha McDowell

The perfect fabric material feel and elegant pleated blinds. Our single-colour pleated blinds look so elegant and attractive. Fully satisfied with the service from Balmoral Blinds in Edinburgh.

Martin Cowell

Pleated Blinds FAQs

Ans: No. Pleated blinds are made from fabric materials. These are not waterproof and are perfectly usable for windows with low levels of humidity.

Ans: Pleated blinds are generally used as daylight-filtering window treatments. To block off daylight completely in bedrooms, double-up pleated blinds with shutters or curtains. These will let in daylight to keep interiors bright naturally.

Ans: Yes. Free fitting for pleated blinds is available in Glasgow and also in Edinburgh. Also, Balmoral Window Blinds guarantees a quick turnaround for every requirement.

Ans: Yes. Pleated blinds are made from high-quality fabric materials. These are available in blend-in soft, sold colours and also bold statement-making designs. Select from the widest range of custom pleated blinds to suit your window requirements perfectly.

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